COVID-19 Digital Waiting Room

For you as a patient, the corona crisis can quickly become confusing. We'll show you what to do next.

Know what to do

We always show you what the next recommended steps are and provide you with the relevant information and tools.

Relieve experts

Hotlines, medical practices, hospitals and authorities are relieved by an optimized, centralized process. We provide you with the necessary overview.

Support at every step

The digital waiting room accompanies you every step of the way and always knows what to do next. And if we don't have something, we know who has it.

Supported by our Federal Government

The project „Digitales Wartezimmer“ was part of the #WirVsVirus Hackathon of the Federal Government in March 2020. Together with 130 other digital projects, it aims at tackling the current coronavirus crisis.

WirVsVirus Hackathon

A team of professionals

We are an interdisciplinary team of twelve IT specialists, designers and product developers, that are keen on sharing their skills and knowledge within the project „Digitales Wartezimmer“. Located throughout Germany, we all wish to contribute to the overcomming of the coronavirus crisis through our voluntary work.