COVID-19 Digital Waiting Room

For you as a patient, the corona crisis can quickly become confusing. We'll show you what to do next.


Please, take a seat

Welcome to the Digital Waiting Room. This project is currently under construction. As a patient, you will soon receive extensive guidance here with a COVID-19 disease.

The Digital Waiting Room will help you to find your way through the wide range of information and services. Many people go through the same processes during this time – from the first symptoms, to going to the family doctor, infection tests, to recovery. At every point we explain the next steps and provide helpful information and services so that you can be looked after quickly and safely.

This is a Beta version

This project was created as part of the federal government's #WirVsVirus hackathon. Our team is working flat out to complete a first version. Until then, all content is in beta.

You are welcome to follow the progress of the Digital Waiting Room live here. However, please note that some functions are not ready for use.

Currently under construction

We can already provide some of the features we are currently working on as a beta version. This way you can get an idea of our progress. However, the features are not ready for use.