Digitales Wartezimmer

Our vision

Simple and efficient exchange of information between health authorities and citizens for rapid containment of infectious diseases

Our Mission

With our digital solution, all relevant information of COVID-19 contact persons will be digitally captured and transferred to the systems used by the responsible health authorities to track contact persons.

By digitizing the transmission of COVID-19 contact person data, we want to help health authorities break the chain of infection quickly. At the same time, the COVID-19 contact person solution should provide a fast and user-friendly way to contact his/her health authority.

In further steps, this information transfer will be extended by further digital solutions, so that a reciprocal digital communication between health authorities and citizens is enabled.

The digital solution Digital Waiting Room is designed as an open source project and makes the code freely available.

A strong, volunteer team

We are an interdisciplinary team of IT experts and designers, which was formed by working together as part of the hackathon.

Many thanks to our team members who supported us during the hackathon - and partly beyond: Daniel, Felix, Jakob, Lukas, Olli, Thorben, Tim

  • Till Sanders Till Sanders Frontend & Design
  • Linda Kantchev Linda Kantchev Design
  • Lena Hieber Lena Hieber UX / UI Design
  • Theresa Willem Theresa Willem Projektmanagement
  • Sascha Nos Sascha Nos Produktmanagement
  • Benedikt Achatz Benedikt Achatz Strategie & Analyse
  • Johannes Gottstein Johannes Gottstein Public Relations
  • Dr. Johanna Grosse Rueschkamp Dr. Johanna Grosse Rueschkamp User Research
  • Bernhard Wittmann Bernhard Wittmann Software Development
  • Jelena Bebić Jelena Bebić Design Thinking
  • Niklas Drexler Niklas Drexler Data Privacy
  • Norman Hiob Norman Hiob Strategieberatung


Are you working on a project, that follows the same vision as the Digital Waiting Room? Did you develop a solution to a certain problem? Let us know! We can integrate your product in the Digital Waiting Room, merge our frontends or evaluate other possibilities to generate a benefit for patients!

You don't work on your own project, but want to contribute actively? Our project is open source and we are happy about active support. Let us know!