The Digital Waiting Room About the project

Developed to cope with the corona crisis as part of the German government's #WirVsVirus hackathon in March 2020. The goal: a central information platform to support and accompany during the corona crisis.

Our vision

The Digital Waiting Room supports COVID-19 patients as a central platform on their personal journey – from the suspected case, to testing and quarantine and the way to recovery.

Our idea

Infected with Corona or just a common cold? Cure at home or seek medical assistance? There exists big uncertainity in many places. Currently, there are many contact points, like the hotline of the public health department or calling your doctor. But the process is not integrated and often confusing for patients. Often, it is not obvious what to do next as a concerned person. A central place to go for suspected cases and patients is missing. This is what we want to tackle and show a clear path.

Our Mission

The platform serves as a point of orientation and guides those affected through the individual steps in an easily understandable and context-related manner. On the basis of information provided by those affected, the website provides informed recommendations and offers contact points to corresponding offers from further partners. Existing offers (e.g. specialist articles or videos) are tailored to the personal situation of the person concerned and combined with comprehensibly prepared recommendations for action.

In the background, the platform implements interfaces to information services, health authorities, medical practices, hospitals, laboratories, databases and other digital processes in order to handle the tasks with the least possible effort and the highest possible transparency for the patient.

Through our interface-based integration of existing processes (e.g. for anamnesis, registration of suspicious cases or test appointment) a feeling of security is achieved through the guided process. In addition, we want to relieve system-critical resources and reduce the risk of infection through improved digital access to information.

A strong, volunteer team

We are an interdisciplinary team of IT experts and designers, which was formed by working together as part of the hackathon.

Many thanks to our team members who supported us during the hackathon - and partly beyond: Daniel, Felix, Jakob, Lukas, Olli, Thorben, Tim

  • Till Sanders Till Sanders Frontend & Design
  • Jan Riedel Jan Riedel Backend & Server
  • Lena Hieber Lena Hieber UX / UI Design
  • Theresa Willem Theresa Willem Projektmanagement
  • Sascha Nos Sascha Nos Produktmanagement
  • Benedikt Achatz Benedikt Achatz Strategie & Analyse
  • Johannes Gottstein Johannes Gottstein Public Relations
  • Dr. Johanna Grosse Rueschkamp Dr. Johanna Grosse Rueschkamp User Research
  • Bernhard Wittmann Bernhard Wittmann Frontend
  • Jelena Bebić Jelena Bebić Design Thinking
  • Niklas Drexler Niklas Drexler Data Privacy


Are you working on a project, that follows the same vision as the Digital Waiting Room? Did you develop a solution to a certain problem? Let us know! We can integrate your product in the Digital Waiting Room, merge our frontends or evaluate other possibilities to generate a benefit for patients!

You don't work on your own project, but want to contribute actively? Our project is open source and we are happy about active support. Let us know!